Who is Fhavorinus (Favor)?

Who is Fhavorinus (Favor)?

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Fhavorinus (Favor Greek philosopher.

He was born in Arles, in the Gol region. Its Latin name is Favorinus Arelatensis. Approximately MS. He was born between 80-90 and died in 150. M.S. II. century has shown itself in the beginnings. First of all, he started to work as a student of Dion Chrysostome and possibly Epictet, defended Aristotle, then opposed the Stoics and wrote a work against Epictet. It was connected to a Platonism as understood by the Alexandrian School at that time.

However, his intelligence could not adhere to this selective system. After getting to know the systems of Carnead and Aenesidemus, he considered them as the most correct interpretation of Plato’s doctrine and was attached to this doctrine for a long time. In a work he wrote, he explained the ten motives of doubt, rooted in Pyrrhon. Known as a skeptic in the history of philosophy, Favorinus taught oratory with great success in Rome and Athens during the reign of Emperor Adrien and the pious Antom (between 120-150).

Au-u-Gelle, who has written about himself many times with admiration, considers him a talkative philosopher, capable of giving long speeches in the form of sophists, and speaking successfully on any subject. That’s why many listeners came to his lectures from all over. He endeared himself to Emperor Adrien and had discussions with him on problems of philosophy.

He maintained this love by always accepting the ideas of the emperor, claiming that a man who commanded thirty legions would not be mistaken. In this way, he successfully taught the system of skepticism alleviated by the New Academy in the philosophy school he opened in Rome. Do as well in Athens as in Rome. Here he befriended D6monax and H Atticus. Plutarch was one of his friends. Favoritenus was either a eunuch or a hunchback; Lucien ridicules him in his D monax. In this work, his body structure and voice are depicted in a ridiculous way.

By writing a work called Understandable Designs, Favorinus thinks in the style of the New Scholars, against the Stoics, that even the sun cannot be perceived (realization). He has another work titled Plutarch and the Academic School. He put forward evidence against astrology reminiscent of the Carnead, attacked the fatalism of the Stoics, put forward dissenting speeches, his dialectic, style and passion for giving random speeches introduced him as a philosopher belonging to the New Academy. He has no particular doctrine. Possibly, the History of Various Things and memories, which was written as the history of philosophy, also wrote some works on Homer’s philosophy. But none of them have survived to our time.

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