Who is Francis Herbert Bradley?

Who is Francis Herbert Bradley?

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Francis Herbert Francis Herbert Bradley was an English idealist philosopher who lived from 1846 to 1924. Bradley is the most famous, original and philosophically influential of British idealists.

Francis Herbert Bradley was also the most important English metaphysician of the 19th century. Bradley defined metaphysics Aristotelianly as “the study of first principles or ultimate truths, or the effort to grasp the universe not simply in bits and pieces, but somehow as a whole”.

Francis Herbert Bradley occupies a different place in terms of his thoughts, when British philosophers generally show a tendency to avoid metaphysics and draw attention to their subjects with their pragmatic approach. He is an important metaphysician. Bradley’s most important work in which he presents his metaphysical system is the highly successful Appearance and Reality, which was published in 1893, and this work is considered the most important expression of absolute idealism in British philosophy, as well as the last example of traditional style metaphysics. .

Francis Herbert Bradley

In this study, the basic concepts and problems of Bradley’s metaphysical system are evaluated in an integrated manner.

Receiving a fellowship from Merton College, Oxford in 1870, Bradley soon fell ill with a kidney disease that would compel him to live semi-sick for the rest of his life. Francis Herbert Bradley was able to devote most of his life to writing, as his college scholarship did not impose obscure and difficult assignments, and he never married. As a result of these works, Bradley became the first philosopher to be awarded the British Order of Merit.

In his early work, Bradley joined the growing criticism of the empiricist theories of English thinkers such as John Stuart Mill, and drew heavily on Hegel’s ideas in voicing these criticisms.

Bradley’s first major work, “Ethical Studies” (1876), sought to clear up apparent confusions in the doctrine of utilitarianism that promoted maximum human happiness, which Mill saw as the basis of ethical behavior.

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