Who is Franz Anton Mesmer?

Who is Franz Anton Mesmer?

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Franz Anton Me was a German physician who lived between May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815.

According to Mesmer, some diseases could be cured by allowing the invisible and unmeasurable life energy (a kind of magnetic energy) to flow to other areas through various channels. The evolution of these ideas and practices of Mesmer led James Braid to discover hypnosis in 1842.

Mesmer, who studied at Jesuit schools for a while, studied medicine at the University of Vienna. He completed his doctorate at the same school. Mesmer developed theories that he tried to explain human behavior by basing it on the movements of the Sun and the Moon. Although these are not scientific explanations, they have become a starting point for scientists after him.

Laying the foundations of modern hypnotherapy and Dr. Inspiring many famous names such as Freud, Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer was the first person in the West to use hypnosis for healing in the 18th and 19th centuries. The genius beyond the time that he cured thousands of people and whose techniques were used successfully in more than three thousand surgeries in India is beginning to be rediscovered in the dusty pages of history with the rise of hypnotherapy today.

Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer was the first to use hypnosis for healing. With his long cloak and colorful clothing, he looked more like an entertainer than a healer. Among his close friends and colleagues, Mozart, Dr. Freud, Dr. Charcoat and Dr. Famous people such as Babinski (Babinski reflex) were involved. According to Mesmer’s thoughts, the planets had an indisputable influence on the human body.

Inspired by Newton’s ideas about the universe, Mesmer published a book called De planetarum influxu in corpus humanum. But what makes Mesmer more interesting and successful is what he describes as animal magnetism. According to this, there was an invisible substance forming the fabric of the universe, and the imbalance of this substance in the human body caused various diseases. Dr. Mesmer claimed that he could influence the flow of the raw material of the universe. In this way, a healthy balance in the human body could be established.

In 18th Century Vienna, Dr. Mesmer worked with many patients in his own home. He started to get very good results in psychosomatic diseases and the number of patients was increasing rapidly. He was getting ahead of the patients and treating people by influencing the flow of the so-called universal fluid with hand gestures he called Mesmeric Transitions. Those who had fainted and had hysterical seizures claimed that Mesmer was a true healer after they came to their senses.

Over time, perhaps the theatrical appearance of his treatments, perhaps his success in healing, or the fact that the medicine at that time was still in its infancy, caused a great hostility towards Mesmer. After a while, he was banned from working in Vienna on the grounds that he was a charlatan and had to leave there.

Mesmer, who moved to Paris and continued to work there, quickly began to reach large masses. Soon, his achievements were talked about all over France. He was said to have healed hundreds of people at once. First he was touching a tree and transferring the so-called magnetic energy to the tree, then saying that it was enough for people to touch the tree to heal.

From time to time he would make people sit in a large circle and ask them to hold a long wire. He also provided the universal flow in the wire that everyone came into contact with and argued that the healing had begun. The success rates of all these practices are unknown, but historical sources talk about the success of Mesmer’s practices and the demand for him. Mesmer’s practices began to be called Mesmerci in Europe.

Great masses, sudden improvements and insights also attracted the attention of scientists of the time. Some out of curiosity and some out of hostile feelings, they wanted to examine Mesmerism more closely. King of France XVI. By Luis’ decision, a scientific committee, including Benjamin Franklin, was appointed to monitor Mesmer’s work. About ten minutes after watching Mesmer, Benjamin Franklin uttered his famous sentence: “If these patients get better, it is not because of Mesmer’s power, but because of their imaginations.”

What Mesmer unconsciously used was the concept of suggestion in modern hypnotherapy, which is defined as ideas that we perceive and respond to with our five senses. At the same time, factors such as placebo, that is, the strength of belief, increased the success of the studies. As it is known, high expectations and other persuasive factors accompanying it can affect the patient’s belief system and positively affect the course of treatment. Benjamin Franklin was also able to observe how one’s anticipation can influence recovery. After this process, Mesmer was rejected by the scientific world and he was banned from working in Paris.

It is not known whether the world did not understand him or if it was too early for his ideas, but Dr. Mesmer left France after being excommunicated and never appeared again. Maybe not given the right