Who is Georg Simmel?

Who is Georg Simmel?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

He is a famous sociologist from the first generation of German sociologists.

He was born in Berlin to a Jewish family. Upon the early death of his father, he was brought up as a Catholic because of his Catholic caregiver. His work has enabled the concept of “social structure” to be introduced to the sociology literature. His most important work is “Philosophie der Geldes” (The Philosophy of Money).

Simmel is a sociologist who founded the School of Social Forms and developed a critique of capitalist society. Simmel’s homogeneity in society; He attributes the mediocre, average taste to mass production (production de masse) and consumption. According to Simmel, the new understanding of money distorts the humanistic characteristics of the person, the pursuit of profit forms the basis of the ideology of modern society and holds the most important place in social relations.

Simmel argues that the concept of society never really exists, that what really exists is the interaction between two individuals. According to Simmel, the subject that sociology should examine is basically these forms of interaction. According to Simmel, domination, submission, acceptance, exclusion, etc. Topics and concepts together are forms of interaction, and each form of interaction aims at solving a problem. Sociology should ask questions such as how each form of interaction is defined, what problem it answers, how it came to be, and what consequences it had.

Simmel defines social (more precisely, interactional) relations within a field he calls social space and argues that forms of interaction can be studied within this space. Among all these forms of interaction, the most basic one, according to Georg Simmel, is “Stranger”.

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