Who is Georgios Amiroutzes?

Who is Georgios Amiroutzes?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Pontic Greek Renaissance scholar and philosopher.

He was born in Trabzon, lived and educated in Renaissance Italy, and died in Istanbul. He is one of the controversial figures of the late Byzantine period. Besides theology and philosophy, he mastered the natural sciences, medicine, rhetoric, and poetry, earning him the title “philosopher” (Greek: o Φιλόσοφος).

Amiroutzes attended the Council of Ferrara-Florence as advisor to the imperial delegation. There he strongly supported the unity of the churches, but when he returned to Constantinople he made comments that opposed the papal supremacy. A Papal document states that he was granted an allowance of 100 Italian coins. This is interpreted as accepting a bribe to support the union.

On the other hand, by the follower Greeks II. Due to her closeness with Mehmet, she is accused of being an opportunist, traitor and renegade. By convincing Emperor David, he hastened the surrender of the Trabzon Empire, surrounded by the Ottomans, without bloodshed. Although the Emperor of Trebizond was rewarded with preserving his wealth and lands, he and some of his sons were accused of treason and executed a few years after their surrender. Amiroutzes was a well-known person in the Ottoman court, he was one of Mehmet the Conqueror’s advisors on Christianity and Greco-Roman Philosophy. He was rewarded with land by the Sultan, and one of his sons was given the responsibility of the Greek translation room.