Who is Gilbert de la Porree?

Who is Gilbert de la Porree?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Those who belong to the “Chartes School” deserve to be called more scholars. The most important of these is Gilbert de la Porree. The influence of “Islamic” works (especially works of mathematics, natural sciences and medicine) in the West is encountered for the first time in this Chartes School. This school knew Ibn Sina and benefited from his works. Islamic physics and the natural philosophy of Aristotle on which it is based, as well as logic, managed to enter the West with the help of this school.

In this period we are talking about; Various “French” names such as Roscelinus, Abelard, Chartes draw our attention. In this period, France is a country that has specialties in terms of research on theology and philosophy. In this period, national characteristics have not yet emerged. For example, Anselmus is actually Italian. But he later became Archbishop of Canterburg. The thinkers of this period, naturally, always wrote “Latin”.

XII in France. The “first university” (Sorbonne) was established in the 19th century. It XIII. It was followed by Oxford University in England in the 19th century. These newly established universities became the “centres” of scientific studies and research in the heyday of Scholasticism. Before universities, there were only madrasas attached to monasteries.

In parallel with the scientific and philosophical research carried out in universities, we witness the birth of a movement, a movement initiated by those affiliated with the “Franciscan and Dominican” orders.