Who is Gönül Bünyatzade?

Who is Gönül Bünyatzade?

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Gönül Bünyatzade – Azerbaijani philosopher.

Gönül Bünyatzade was born on November 2, 1974 in the village of Zod, in the province of Göyce, West Azerbaijan. His father, Yusif Bunyatov, is a mountain engineer as well as the author of many romantic poems. His mother, Kifayet Bünyatova, is a primary school teacher and carpet weaving master.

Gönül Bünyatzade received her secondary school education in the school no. 2 in Dashkesen district of Azerbaijan in 1981-1991. In 1992, he won the Arabic translation branch of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of Baku State University and graduated in 1997 with the first place. Bünyatzade, who started his doctorate studies at the “Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law” of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in the same year, entered this Institute as a research assistant. Gönül Bünyatzade is currently working as a senior researcher at the same Institute. In 2002, he defended his doctoral thesis titled “Mystical-philosophical issues in Serraç Tusî’s work al-Lüma” and received his doctorate in Philosophy. Bünyatzade received the title of professor in 2008 with his thesis on “Irrational Cognition (Middle Ages) in the History of Eastern and Western Philosophy”.

Turkey, France, Belgium, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Algeria etc. He participated in conferences and symposiums held in different countries as a speaker and session chair. His articles in Turkish, Russian, English and Arabic have been published in numerous international journals. About 130 articles have been published in Azerbaijan and abroad. Gönül Bünyatzade is a senior researcher of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, as well as the director of the East-West Research Center, an expert at the High Certification Commission under the Presidency of Azerbaijan, academic secretary of the “Philosophy” journal of the Azerbaijan Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences Union. She is a member of the International Institute of Phenomenology, the New York Academy, the International Oxford “Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society”, the Philosophical Union of America and the UNESCO Women’s Philosopher society.

She is an expert in Islamic philosophy, mysticism, irrational knowledge, East-West relations, phenomenology.