Who is Guy Ernest Debord?

Who is Guy Ernest Debord?

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Marxist philosopher, writer, filmmaker.

II. He became a member of the Marxist group Socialisme ou Barbarie (Socialism or Barbarism), which was founded in France after World War II. Debord is also famous for his radical interventions in the arts and cinema.

Born in Paris in 1931, Debord lost her father at a young age. Debord, who left his law education at the University of Paris and focused on art studies, published many poems and articles during this period. He influenced the 1968 uprising with the situationist international he founded in the 1960s. During this period, he focused on his cinema studies and shot the films Society of the Spectacle (1973) and autobiographical “In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni” (1978).

Alcohol addiction was a constant problem in his life, and Debord could not get rid of it until the end of his life. Debord killed himself on November 30, 1994, with a gun fired at his heart. (As a bullet passed through his heart, it is thought that the following occurred to him: the demonstration has become so strong that resistance against it is no longer possible.)

His best-known work is the theoretical book The Society of the Spectacle (La Société du spectacle-1967)fr. In this book, it is claimed that the consumption relations shaped by capitalism create a form of demonstration regardless of country and ideology, and this will inevitably result in the world becoming a single market. Debord, who divides his thesis into two as Intense demonstration (in liberal administrations) and widespread demonstration (in Totalitarian regimes), argues that Intense demonstration will affect a small part of the society, and the mass demonstration will affect a large part of the society.

His thoughts are influenced by Karl Marx and Georg Lukács.