Who is Hasan Ali Yücel?

Who is Hasan Ali Yücel?

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Hasan Ali Yücel was born in Istanbul in 1897. He completed his primary, secondary, high school and university education in Istanbul. He completed his university education in the Philosophy Department of Darül Muallimin-i Aliye (Marmara University Faculty of Education) and taught philosophy at various schools in Istanbul.

Hasan Ali Yücel’s philosophy; It is based on the concepts of freedom, education and humanism. It defines freedom as “an ideal, a place to be reached, a goal” for people and society. Freedom can only be talked about when people start to think for themselves. According to him, freedom has the feature of being “a thought, a realization and an understanding”. The education system must first allow people to think for themselves. Yücel emphasizes the freedom of the individual while expressing that the character of a person cannot develop where there is no freedom. “We cannot isolate ourselves from society, just as we cannot isolate ourselves from the air sphere.” then he emphasizes the importance of society and the state in the completion of human freedom. So much so that he makes the following distinction in the use of freedom: “Liberty is between two tastes.” and his attitude towards these two tastes is “obedience in case of liking, criticism and rejection due to dislike”. At this point, the commitment, harmony and balance of the individual with the society is taken as a basis.

In Hasan Ali Yücel’s thoughts, the issue of understanding and using freedom correctly passes through respect for human, which is the basis of education and humanism. In a country where these conditions are met, people of all kinds of ideas can live together in harmony. Humanism should remove the elitism and segregation among people, on the contrary, it should sprout an understanding that touches the people, their education and freedom. In summary, it is seen that the thinker exhibits a critical and humanistic attitude that synthesizes the individual and society regarding freedom.

Hasan Ali Yücel has various works on language, culture and history besides his works “Philosophy Elifbas”, “Logic”, “Hürriyet, Gene Hürriyet”, “Secondary Education in Turkey”, “Goethe: A Novel of Genius”. He established a translation office while he was serving as the Ministry of National Education. He has translated in the fields of philosophy and literature.

Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer YILDIRIM
Source: Omer YILDIRIM’s Personal Lecture Notes. Atatürk University Sociology Department 1st Year “Introduction to Philosophy” and 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade “History of Philosophy” Lecture Notes (Ömer YILDIRIM); Open Education Philosophy Textbook