Who is Homer?

Who is Homer?

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Homer is an Ionian poet who lived in Ancient Greece.

He is considered to be the creator or compiler of the Iliad and Odyssey epics, which are considered to be the first great works of Western Literature. Little is known about his life. Although it is rumored that he lived during the Trojan War (12th century BC) by the Classical Age writers, who came much after him, today’s researchers, based on the language he used in his epics, probably lived in Smyrna (today’s present day) in the 8th or 9th centuries BC It is stated that he lived in İzmir).

However, there are researchers who think that even if a poet named Homer lived, there was not a single poet who created or compiled these epics. Another rumor about his life is that he was blind. But from the vividness of the descriptions in his epics, it is understood that his eyes once saw even if he was blind when he wrote his epics.

The epics he wrote deeply influenced the Classical Age Greek Literature and Mythology, and through them influenced all western literature.

Irish writer James Joyce’s Ulysses, English writer Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, Roman poet Virgil’s Aeneid are among the works that bear deep traces of Homer’s epics.

Today, we will talk about two epic epics, which are the brightest examples of ancient Greek culture and based on Greek mythology; From the “Iliad” and “Odyssey”… The emergence of the world’s most popular fantasy stories dates back to about 3000 years ago, to the 1000s BC. The author of these epics is one of the easy questions of knowledge competitions. We all agree with Homer’s answer, but we don’t know for sure whether such a person actually existed. According to some literary historians, “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, which are fantastic interpretations of history, are anonymous works that came into being with the participation of many poets over hundreds of years. However, no matter who or by whom they were written, it will never be disputed that they are the most important texts created in the history of humanity.


The two epics by Homer are complementary to each other and the main story spanning twenty years begins with the “Iliad”. the siege of the city of Troy near Çanakkale; War, heroism, friendship, love, betrayal, vengeance has formed the basis for the processing of emotions. Paris, who is the judge of the beauty contest between the goddess Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, declares Aphrodite the winner -as a result of the bribe-. Aphrodite’s bribe to Paris is Helen, the most beautiful of mortal women. However, Helen is the wife of Menealos, king of Lecademon. Helen, who fell in love with Paris with the magic of the goddess, escapes with him to Troy. Enraged, Menelaus landed in Troy with his brother Agamemnon, the half-mortal hero Achilles, the most cunning Odysseus of men, and some Greek princes. While it was thought that there would be no result from the wars that lasted for ten years, with a trick Odysseus found; With that famous wooden horse joke, the besiegers manage to open the gates of the city and the city of Illios (Troy) falls, and justice is served.


The epic “Odyssey” tells the extraordinary adventures of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, who left his wife Penelope and son Telemachus behind to fight alongside his friend Agamemnon, and set out for Troy. Our hero is cunning but a bit sharp-tongued; When he challenges the sea god Poseidon in the face of a storm on his return journey, he incurs the wrath of the god and cannot find his way home. It takes ten years for the Aegean Sea to be swept from one side to the other (the Aegean, which looks like an inland sea today, was perceived as an ocean for ancient times, and we understand once again that the concept of distance is limited to the region we live in). After fending off one-eyed, man-eating giants, seducing sirens from sailors, and many other dangers from Greek mythology, the King returns to his country to find his wife, in accordance with his will, preparing for marriage. The winner of the competition will be the prince, the queen’s consort. Disguised, Odysseus defeats the husband candidates one by one and regains both his wife and his throne.

Homer and Greek literature

Ancient Greece was the first civilization to develop literature. Of course, there was an interest in fine arts in other communities living in Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Egypt, but it is not possible to show a work at the level of Greek poetry. In this sense, Homer is the father of all poets! Poetry is the most appropriate literary style for the ages when glory and honor were accepted as the greatest virtue on earth. Events, characters, superstitions, customs and traditions are of course sources that ignite the images in the minds of poets. The surreal, fantastic and metaphysical elements that dominate the epics cannot be attributed only to the imagination of the authors; In fact, the interpretation of the world by the communities that create these verse stories in which humans and gods are brought together is fantastic. In Homer’s texts; friendship between men, love as a destiny prepared by the gods, sexuality that always makes itself felt,