Who is Ibn Cebirol (Avencebrol)?

Who is Ibn Cebirol (Avencebrol)?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Ibn Cebirol (1021-1058) or Avencebrol, Jewish poet and philosopher.

He is one of the Jewish philosophers who have been influential in Islamic philosophy. Although there is no complete information about his life, it is thought that he was born in Malaga in the 11th century, educated in Saragossa and died in Valentia. He wrote his books in Arabic and his thoughts were influenced by Islamic philosophers. Because of these, he is counted among the Jewish philosophers who have been influential in Islamic philosophy. Along with Maimonides, it is seen that Jewish philosophers in the Islamic world are also evaluated. He wrote impressive poems with philosophical content. And his writings were later translated into Hebrew and Latin. His most important book is Yenbu’ül-hayat (The source of life). Here, Cebirol expresses his pantheist-oriented philosophical thoughts. He wrote the book Muhta ul-Cevahir in both Hebrew and Arabic.

One of his most important poems, The Source of Life (Yenbu’ül-hayat), is a work written in the form of a dialogue between the master and his apprentice, written on explaining the concepts of matter and form. According to him, the existence of both universal matter and universal form are generally provable. In order to indicate this in the work in question, first various substances and shapes are shown, then they are passed to universals, and after that, categories are created. It is stated that there are certain properties of matter and form and these are tried to be shown. The path from the particular to the general is followed. Above all forms of existence is the form of mind, which encompasses everything with knowledge. It is tried to be shown that all of the things belonging to the senses have a single universal substance, and then it is explained that this matter is the basis of the corporeal existence of the universe.

The fourth book of The Source of Life is considered to be one of the most important, because it was the source of ideas that were influential in medieval philosophy; Algebra is considered one of the first philosophers to suggest that there is matter in both the soul and other substances. Cebirol argues this with the idea that everywhere has a substance. Matter and form are interconnected in reality, we only think of them as separate things in our thinking; form dominates matter and thus gives it existence. Everything that exists consists of matter and form, while the concept called matter expresses that it is, the concept called form expresses unity. In order to prove these and similar theses, Ibn Cebirol conducts a detailed discussion and proving effort. He makes a marked effort to prove the universality of things in the mind. Since Cebirol was influenced by Jewish theology and Islamic theology, as well as by Farabi and Avicenna, and thus by Aristotle himself, Ibn Cebirol also had an influence in this direction, since Islamic philosophy turned to Platonist interpretations. is stated.