Who is İbrahim Ethem?

Who is İbrahim Ethem?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

Throughout the 1400 years of Islamic Civilization, many Islamic saints came to the world, enlightened thousands of people on the way and brought them to the happy path. If we try to count the names of these saints, our field will be filled with the names of those great people. In this article, we wanted to present you the life of Ibrahim bin Ethem, one of these saints.

İbrahim bin Ethem is one of the famous scholars and one of the elders of the saints. He was born in the city of Belh in 714 AH (H.96) and died in Damascus in 779 (H.162). His name is İbrahim bin Edhem bin Mansûr and his patronymic is Abu Ishaq. His lineage is based on Hadrat Omar. Fudayl bin Iyâd, Imran bin Musa bin Zayd Râi and Sheikh Mansûr Selami took part in the conversation and benefited from the spirituality of Veysel Karânî.

He became famous in Baghdad, Damascus and Hejaz. He learned knowledge from most of the scholars of three continents. He matured with the conversations of Imam-i A’zam. He became a jurist and mujtahid in religion. He participated in the jihads with the Greeks. He spoke the Arabic language very fluently.

Yahyâ bin Saîd el-Ensârî, Said bin Mezbân, Mukatil bin Süleymân and Süfyân-ı Sevrî narrated hadîth-i-sherîf from him. Evzâî, Şakîk-i Belhi, İbrahim bin Beşar narrated hadîth-i-sherîfs from him. Nesâî, Dâre Kutni, Imam-i Bukhari reported that he was a firm and reliable narrator. Bukhari “Adab” and Tirmidhi “Tahâret” have narrated from him.

His father, Edhem, was the sultan of the city of Belh. He was a prince himself, sitting on the throne, and loved to hunt. He had all kinds of means, he would eat whatever he wanted, wear whatever he wanted, and his every command was immediately followed. He abandoned all this and gave his heart to Allâhu ta’âlâ. The sultans of the world are forgotten, but He is not forgotten.

This is how he left his crown and throne and became a saint:

One night he fell asleep on his throne. He woke up at night with a noise. The ceiling was shaking. called out: “Who is it?” “I’m familiar, I lost my camel, I’m looking for him,” said the rooftop. Ibrahim Edhem said, “Hey, confused, why are you looking on the roof? Will there be a camel on the roof?” When he said, the person on the roof said, “O heedless, you are looking for Allahu ta’ala with a golden throne and fancy clothes. Is it weirder than looking for a camel on the roof?” said. After these words, his heart burned with the love of Allahu ta’ala and he repented of all the sins, mistakes and faults he had done so far.

In another narration: One day, a public banquet was held in the palace. While the statesmen had taken their places and the servants were waiting, a very imposing person appeared. Neither soldiers nor servants tell him, who are you, what are you doing here? He didn’t have the courage to say. Ibrahim Edhem asked this majestic person: “What do you want?” That person said, “I want to stay in this inn.” said. Ibrahim Edhem; “This is not an inn, it is my palace.” he replied. He said, “Then whose palace was this before this?” when asked, Ibrahim Edhem; “It was my father!” said. Incoming person; “Who was it before that?” he asked again. Ibrahim Ethem; “Your so-and-so!” said. That person; “Who was it before that?” when asked, Ibrahim Edhem; “So-and-so son!” to the answer of that person; “What happened to them?” to his question Ibrahim Edhem; “They’re dead!” gave his answer. The imposing person who came; “How is this your palace, where one goes before one comes?” He went back as he came. Ibahim Edhem followed that person and asked; “Who are you?” He also said, “I am Khidr.” said.

After that, the troubles of Ibrahim Edhem increased. The love of Allah in his heart increased.

Another incident that happened to him is as follows:

One day he wanted his horse to be prepared, and he took his hunting dog with him and went hunting. An animal appeared before him. He rode to catch him, out of sight; “O Abraham, you were not created for this and you were not commanded to do so!” heard a voice say. He stopped, looked left and right, and saw no one. “God damn it! This is the Devil!” he said. He rode again. Stronger and more open than before; “O Abraham! You were not created for this and were not commanded by it!” it said.

He stopped, looked left and right, and could not see anyone: “May Allahu ta’ala curse me! This is the Devil!” said. He rode his horse again, heard the same words from his horse’s saddle, and stopped: “I received a warning from the Lord of the worlds. I swear by Allahu ta’ala that I will not rebel against Allah after this day. My Lord wants me to be a righteous person!” said. Upon this incident, he cried a lot and his clothes were wet with tears. Then he came back. He met a shepherd. Upon paying attention, he realized that it was one of his father’s shepherds. He took her cloak and cap and gave her his own clothes. He left everything and entered the path of Allahu ta’ala.

On the way to the city of Merv, a man was passing over a bridge on the way. Ibrahim bin Edhem saw this while he was falling into the river because his eyes could not see. He took pity on the man and prayed (Allahummahfezhu = O Allah. Protect him, protect him!). When I say this, but falling from the bridge, between the bridge and the river