Who is James McKeen Cattell?

Who is James McKeen Cattell?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

He is an American psychologist.

James McKeen Cattell is one of the psychologists who best reflects the functional spirit of American psychology. Born in Pennsylvania, he graduated from Lafayette College, where his father was the principal, in 1880. He decided to go to Europe for his master’s work and first went to Göttingen, then to Leipzig, where he became a student of Wundt.

Cattell, whose main area of ​​interest is philosophy, won a scholarship at Johns Hopkins with a text on philosophy. Although he did not take any psychology course in the first years of his student life, it is very interesting that he was interested in psychology. After a personal experience with drugs, Cattell became interested in psychology and became a very competent name in this field.

Cattell generally conducted the study of mental processes in a hands-on and test-driven approach. Cattell’s understanding of psychology is concerned with human abilities rather than conscious actions, and although it is close to functional psychology in this respect, it has never been formally associated with this psychology current.