Who is Jean Francois Lyotard?

Who is Jean Francois Lyotard?

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Jean François Lyotard, who lived from August 10, 1924 to April 21, 1998; French philosopher who is a literary theorist and considered one of the pioneers of postmodernism and postmodern philosophy.

Jean-François Lyotard was born on 10 August 1924 in Versailles. After successfully passing the philosophy proficiency exams in 1956, he taught philosophy for one year at the high school in Constantine, Algeria, and then for seven years at the high school La Fléche in France.

Between 1954 and 1964 he wrote regularly for the French radical Marxist journal Socialism or Barbarism, then another journal called Workers Power. Lyotard, who was in a Marxist position at the beginning of his intellectual life, later switched to a direction that criticizes Marxism and Modernism-based teachings (with his book Economie Libidinale–Libidinal Economy) since 1974. In Lyotard, traces of the transition to a Nietzschean theoretical-political position can be seen starting from this book.

During the events of May 1968, Lyotard lectured at the Sorbonne-Nantere. He worked as a lecturer, first at the University of Paris and then at Saint-Denis, until his retirement in 1987. Lyotard, who is also a founding member of the International College of Philosophy in Paris, taught courses on French philosophy and critical theory at various universities in the USA during his eight years at different intervals. He was also a visiting professor in Germany for a while.

Lyotard died of leukemia in Paris on April 21, 1998.

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