Who is Jean Piaget?

Who is Jean Piaget?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

He is a Swiss psychologist.

Piaget, who has made groundbreaking studies in the field of genetic epistemology and cognitive development, has revealed that the development of thought and language in children is not formed in a continuous way, but through stages and is effectively structured in individual-environment relations.

According to Piaget, the cognitive structure of the child, who not only receives impressions from the outside world, but also constructs his intelligence in an active way, takes place in four stages:

– Sensory-motor period (0-2 years)
– Pre-procedure period (2-5/6 years)
– Concrete operations period
– Abstract operations period

Piaget further argued that the child mentality has nothing to do with the adult mentality. Just as the child’s logic is unique to him, his thinking is also self-centered. He grows for himself, enjoys himself in his own way; It has nothing to do with the conceptual knowledge of the mind, it knows no contradictions. It is only when the child comes into contact with the thinking of others that he begins to make sense.

We also owe the concept of level of development to Jean Piaget. His theory, known as “Piaget’s Theory,” revealed that everyone passes through some fixed levels and that they are measurably separated from each other.

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