Who is Johann Adam Weishaupt?

Who is Johann Adam Weishaupt?

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Johann Adam Weishaupt (6 February 1748, Ingolstadt – 18 November 1830, Gotha) was a German law professor and founder of the secret Illuminati society.

He was born on February 6, 1748, in the city of Ingolstadt, located in modern-day Germany, within the borders of the State of Bavaria. He lost his father when he was five years old. He remained with his godfather on his father’s will. His godfather, Johann Adam von Ickstatt, was a law professor at the University of Ingolstadt, which aimed at the spread of the Christian faith. He started his education at the age of seven.

Johann Adam Weishaupt, who began studying with the Jesuits, enrolled at the University of Ingolstadt. After graduating at the age of twenty, he received his law doctorate 4 years later. Weishaupt, who eventually became a professor of law and then a Jesuit educator in Catholic law, married Afra Sausenhofer in the same years. He met Johann Georg Heinrich Feder, an empiricist and also a professor of philosophy at the University of Göttingen. Both the empiricist Feder and the rationalist Weishaupt took a stand against Kantian idealism.

He founded the Illuminati secret society on May 1, 1776. In 1784, his activities were banned by the local authority and he was expelled from the state of Bavaria. The mission of Weishaupt, who was initiated “Rath guten Theodor zum” in Munich in 1777 and was also the founder of the Illimunati, was to abolish all monarchical government and religion. He died on 18 November 1830 in Gotha, Thuringia.