Who is Johann Christian Friedrich Holderlin?

Who is Johann Christian Friedrich Holderlin?

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Johann Christia, German lyric poet. Friedrich Hölderlin is one of the most important representatives of the classical age and romanticism.

German poet Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin was born on 20 March 1770 in Laffen and died on 7 June 1834 in Tübingen. He lost his father, grandfather and siblings at an early age, these deaths affected Hölderlin very much. He studied theology at Tübingen Abbey and at the University of Jena. Schiller showed Hölderlin’s poems to Goethe, who was greatly disappointed when Goethe did not like it.

He earned his living by giving private lessons. When he went to Bordeaux and learned that the woman he loved had died, he began to suffer from mental disorders. On his return to Stuttgart, the government forcibly sent the doctor to Tübingen, as he detected signs of aggression. When it was clear that he was mad, he spent the rest of his life in the tower of a carpenter family’s house on the banks of the Neckar, where he was placed in custody. He wanted to go back to the times when God, nature and man were counted as one, and believed that the poet was a bridge between God and people.

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