Who is John Harwood Hick?

Who is John Harwood Hick?

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John Harwood Hick (January 20, 1922 to February 9, 2012) was a philosopher of religion and theologian. He has worked in the field of philosophical theology, especially in theodicy, eschatology, christology, religious pluralism and religious epistemology.

He was born on 20 January 1922 in Scarborough (Yorkshire, England). With the encouragement of his uncle, Edward Hirst, who taught Christian Ethics at the University of Manchester, he became interested in religion and philosophy at a young age. He first began his law studies at Hull University, then became a member of the Presbyterian Church of England in order to become a Christian clergyman and then entered the Philosophy Department at Edinburgh University.

He studied Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Doctrine and Church History at Cambridge Westminster School of Theology. Between 1953 and 56 he worked in the church service. After teaching at Cornell University’s Department of Philosophy and Cambridge University’s School of Theology, he became Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham in 1967. He taught at various universities and retired in 1994. He has written more than 25 books.

Subject Headings
Intellectual Biography of John Hick
John Hick’s Conception of God
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What is Moral Evil?
What is Metaphysical Evil?
The Problem of Existential Evil
The Logical Evil Problem
The Evidence Evil Problem
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