Who is John Rogers Searle?

Who is John Rogers Searle?

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American philosopher who served as the Slusser professor at the University of California, Berkeley. Born on July 31, 1932 in Denver, Colorado, John Rogers Searle is an American philosopher.

Main areas of interest; philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and metaphysics. Searle is currently a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

Searle was educated first at the University of Wisconsin and later at Oxford University. Meanwhile, he also attended conferences organized by John Langslaw Austin and Peter Frederick Strawson. Searle taught at the Christian Church College, Oxford, between 1957 and 1959. Beginning in 1959, he was a professor for 30 years at the renowned University of California, Berkeley. He has been working in the Philosophy Department of the faculty here for nearly 50 years.

While working at Berkeley University, he supported student protests and became the first professor to become a member of the “Free Speech Movement”. In 1969, Searle published his main work on the philosophy of language, ‘Speech Acts’, in which he examined linguistics in a different dimension. Following this work, in the following years, he turned to other fields under the philosophy of mind, where he worked on criticism with simplified appendices. As a result of his work in these areas, Searle was awarded the 2000 Jean Nicod Award.

Speech-action theory and everyday speech Searle is among the most important representatives of speech-action theory, along with John L. Austin, William P. Alston, Kent Bach and Robert M. Harnish. Speech-action theory is interpreted and defined as a linguistic theory as follows: Speaking is performing this action. For example; It means the actions such as claiming, giving orders, asking questions, making promises or abstract actions such as implying or foreshadowing (guessing), or the possibility of using linguistic elements arising from the rules determined, and the realization of actions such as the fulfillment of these actions. income.

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