Who is John Zerzan?

Who is John Zerzan?

June 25, 2021 Off By Felso

John Zerzan is an American anarcho-primitivist writer. One of the leading activists of the anti-globalization movement in the USA, Zerzan graduated from the Stanford University School of Political Science and the San Francisco State University Department of History.

Zerzan, who was arrested and imprisoned for a while due to his anti-Vietnam War actions by taking part in the student movement during his university years, later left the academic circles and took part in union activities in the San Francisco region as a truck driver and carpenter.

With the cessation of the 68 movement, Zerzan realized that the rise in the 60s was limited and that the criticism towards the system was not deep enough, began to question the phenomenon of revolution. He started his history studies on the origin of industrialization and the nature of technology in the 70s, and focused on modern history and anthropology. Questioning civilization and symbolic culture as a whole in the 80s, Zerzan went down to the roots of alienation and civilization and began to concentrate on time, language, numbers, art and agriculture.

Currently living in Eugene, USA, Zerzan is actively involved in the local anarchist movement, in addition to his general work questioning civilization and symbolic culture as a whole.

A permanent contributor to Anarchy, one of the major anarchist publications in America, Zerzan’s major works include Future Primitive, Elements Of Refusal, Questioning Technology co-edited with Alice Carnes, and Against Civilization. ).

Questioning civilization and symbolic culture in his works, Zerzan still lives in the USA.