Who is Lewis A. Coser?

Who is Lewis A. Coser?

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Lewis Alfred Coser is a German-American sociologist who served as the 66th president of the American Sociological Association in 1975.

Lewis Coser was born in Berlin to a Jewish banker father. He remained in Germany until Hitler came to power, then moved to Paris, and then to the United States, where he spent the rest of his life.

Coser made important contributions to the resolution of conflict and tried to develop Simmel’s thoughts on this issue (Wallace and Wolf, 2004: 151). Coser has taught at Chicago, California, and New York State Universities and founded the sociology department at Brandeis University. Also serving as president of the American Sociological Association (1975), Coser’s most important works include Functions of Social Conflict (1956), Sociological Theory (1964), Masters of Sociological Thought (1970), Greedy Institutions (1974), and Conflict and Compromise ( 1984) can be counted. Coser died in 2003 in Massachusetts.

Subject Headings
What is Conflict Structuralism?
Conflict and Group Boundaries – Group Binding Functions of Conflict
Group Protective Functions of Conflict and the Importance of Safety Valve Institutions
Realistic vs. Unrealistic Conflict
Hostility in Close Social Relationships
Intra-Group Conflict and the Function of Conflict in Group Structure
Conflict with Outgroups and Group Structure

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