Who is Marcus Porcius Cato?

Who is Marcus Porcius Cato?

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Marcus Porcius Cato (234 BC – 149 BC) Roman statesman, jurist, orator.

He was born in 234 BC in the Tusculum region of Latium. Cato, who spent his childhood and youth in this country, intertwined with nature; With his quick wit and speaking ability, he soon became the center of attention and was accepted as a lawyer. With the attention of some prominent people of Tusculum, he received suggestions to go to Rome and went to Rome.

He held high offices in Rome such as Praetor Censor, Quaestor, Aedilis. He was known as Cato Censor because of his achievements during his censorship. He became a consul. Cato, who returned with glory from the wars he participated in after becoming a consul; With his growing fame, he became both Rome’s most famous Novus Homo and its first famous orator.

He was a Novus Homo and, being of provincial origin, he was a populist, not a nobility like the other consuls in the Senate. He was also known as Cato Maior (Elder, Wise Cato) thanks to his influence on the people, his power in oratory, and his simple ideas.

He fiercely defended Roman religion and culture, which he feared would be overwhelmed by Greek culture. He wrote works on various subjects. One of his works, De agricultura, has the distinction of being the first fully surviving Latin work.

He was a fierce enemy of Carthage, as we can see from the way he finished every speech in the Senate with the phrase “ceterum censeo carthaginem delendam esse” (furthermore, in my opinion, Carthage must be destroyed). He died in 149 BC. Great statesman, soldier, orator, writer, historian, lawyer, etc.