Who is Martin Buber?

Who is Martin Buber?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

He is an Austrian-born Jewish philosopher. He is famous for his philosophy of dialogue, based on a kind of religious existentialism based on the difference between I-you and I-he relations.

He came from a religious Jewish family in Vienna, but later broke away from Jewish traditions and began worldly studies of philosophy. In 1902 he became editor of the journal Die Welt. In 1923 he published his famous article Ich und Du (German: Me and You) on existentialism.

Buber’s me-thou relationship is a philosophy of dialogue, describing how personal dialogue can define the nature of reality.

Martin Buber distinguishes the “I-You (Ich-Du)” relationship from the “I-O (Ich-Es)” relationship; This distinction constitutes the most important problem of existentialism. In other words, the possibilities of expressing that a person is not an object but a person are sought.