Who is Menedemus (Menedemus of Eretria)?

Who is Menedemus (Menedemus of Eretria)?

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Menedemus, also known as Menedemus of Eretria, BC. 345 to BC He was an Ancient Greek philosopher who lived between 261 BC and was the founder of the Socratic Elis-Eteria School.

Menedemos carried out his first studies in philosophy in Athens, where he was a student of Stilpon and Phaidon with his friend Asclepiades. Although there is nothing left of Menedemos’s writings, there have been writers and thinkers who have quoted him and mentioned his name.

Menedemus was born in Eretria as a member of a noble family. Despite being a member of a noble family, he worked as a construction and tent worker until he went on a military expedition to Megara. After this expedition, he went to Plato’s Academy in Athens and decided to devote himself to philosophy.

In Megara he formed a lifelong friendship with Asclepiades of Phlius. He later became a student of Stilpon, and then of Phaedon of Elis, who took over his school and moved to Eretria. In addition to his philosophical work, Diadochi took a leading role in the political affairs of his city from the time of his death until his death.

Menedemus’ philosophical views are only partially known. Athenaeus quotes Epicrates as stating that he was a Platonist; however, other texts contain information that he preferred Stilpon to Plato. Diogenes Laertius says that he rejects the identification of the good with the useful and the value of negation on the grounds that affirmation alone can express truth.

Menedemos, the founder of the Eretria school of philosophy, took an active role in political events and committed suicide a few years after he was exiled by his political opponents.

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