Who is Michel de Montaigne?

Who is Michel de Montaigne?

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Montaigne (28 February 1533 – 13 September 1592) was a 16th-century French essayist.

Montaigne was born on February 28, 1533 in Bordeaux. His family ensured that he received a good education. During his education, he learned Greek and Latin literature. He served as the mayor of the region for a while. He spent his days with his books and writings in a large estate inherited from his family. As a result of these studies, his famous book Essays was formed. In his Essays, Montaigne wrote very original articles on human love, optimism, solidarity, freedom and reading habits. He conveyed these articles to the reader in a simple way that everyone can understand.

He studied law at the University of Toulouse. He was a consultant in the Bordeaux parliament for a while, then the mayor, and a deputy in Etat Généraux. He toured Germany and Italy. He then retired to his castle and devoted himself entirely to philosophy and literature. He adopted a skeptical method based on the principles of reason in philosophy. Montaigne says of his principal work Essais, “My book made me as much as I did my book.”

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Prepared by: Sociologist Ömer Yıldırım
Source: Atatürk University Sociology Department 1st Year “Introduction to Philosophy” and 2nd, 3rd, 4th Grade “History of Philosophy” Lecture Notes (Ömer YILDIRIM)