Who is Murtaza Mutahhari?

Who is Murtaza Mutahhari?

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Ayatollah Murtaza Mutahhari (Arabic: مرتضی مطهری‎); D. February 3, 1920, Ferîman, Khorasan, Iran – d. May 1, 1979, Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian scholar, religious scholar, philosopher, university lecturer and politician. Along with Ali Shariati, he was one of the intellectuals of the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution.

Murtaza Mutahhari was born on February 3, 1920 in the town of Ferîman in Khorasan.

He studied at the madrasah in Mashhad until the age of seventeen. Later, he went to Kum in 1938 and continued his education at the higher education level.

Mutahhari has written many books on Islam, Iran and history. He taught philosophy at Tehran University. It is possible to see his competence on philosophy in his work “Philosophy Lessons” published in two volumes in Turkish.

In Iran, “Teachers’ Day” Ordibehesht is celebrated on May 2, because on the night of May 1 to May 2, Mutahhari, who was assassinated while leaving a meeting at Yadollah Sahabi’s house, was martyred. Furkan died as a result of a bullet fired by a member of the Militant Group.

His father was a religious scholar.

Mutahhari is the brother-in-law of Iran’s top nuclear chief, Ali Larijani. It was at Mutahhari’s suggestion that Larijani switched from computer science to western philosophy while he was a graduate student.

A busy street in Tehran was named after the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979: Tahte Tavus Street was renamed Mutahhari Street. Mutahhari Street connects two busy streets in Tehran, Sühreverdi Street and Valir Asr Street.