Who is Paul Ricoeur?

Who is Paul Ricoeur?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

French philosopher.

Ricoeur, who gained his fame for having originally developed the hermeneutic method in philosophy, which consists largely of interpreting the meaning contained in pre-rational signs or symbols, has created a coherent, robust and competent synthesis of competing theories.

Ricoeur, who, apart from hermeneutics, was busy with the existentialism of Karl Jaspers and Gabriel Marcel and the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl for many years, expressed well the first and fundamental premise of hermeneutics when he said “Symbol gives birth to thought”. He argued that symbols of myth, religion, art, and ideology carry messages that can be revealed through philosophical interpretation, and he defined hermeneutics as a method of interpreting implicit meaning, revealing hidden meanings behind apparent meanings.

He was awarded the Kluge Prize by the Library of Congress in 2004. The financial value of the Kluge Prize is at the same level as the Nobel Prizes, and it aims to reward personalities who have achieved great success in the fields of history, philosophy, politics, anthropology, sociology, theology, art criticism and linguistics that are not considered within the scope of the Nobel Prize, and who have had an interdisciplinary influence.