Who is Peter Alekseyevich Kropotkin?

Who is Peter Alekseyevich Kropotkin?

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He was born on December 9, 1842 in Moscow. Her father, Prince Aleksei Kropotkin; his mother is Yekaterina Nikolaevna. When their mother died of tuberculosis in 1846, Peter and his siblings were raised by their stricter father.

In August 1857, at the age of fifteen, Kropotkin went to St. He joins the Pages Battalion in St. Petersburg. In this battalion, 150 young people, mostly from the nobility class, are trained. Kropotkin has trouble developing relationships with his classmates; He devoted most of his time to reading books, writing letters and publishing magazines until 1862, when he left the battalion.

Graduates of the Pages Battalion had the right to serve anywhere in the Russian army. Kropotkin, who graduated in 1862, preferred Siberia. Thus began a period of wandering that would last for ten years. His assignments in Siberia caused Kropotkin’s disillusionment with the government.

In 1864, when he was considering resigning from his job, he was offered to participate in the geographical survey of Manchuria. Accepting the offer, Kropotkin devoted himself entirely to this geographical study in 1865.

Kropotkin finally left the army in April 1867; and leaving Irkutsk, St. He returned to Petersburg. Here he began working on the Central Statistics Committee. On the other hand, he continued his work for the Geography Society. He enrolled in college, but could not graduate due to financial problems. Between 1868 and 1870, he devoted his time entirely to geography studies.

In the autumn of 1871, his father dies. That same year, Kropotkin resigns from public duties. The Imperial Geographical Society offers him the post of secretary. This is a task that is considered a great honor for someone his age; however, Kropotkin rejects the offer, considering his career there to be wasted.

He returns to Switzerland in 1909; Lena works to bring the murder of 270 workers in the gold mines to the agenda. However, these efforts are interrupted by the First World War.

During the First World War he openly took a stand against Germany. This attitude is harshly criticized by many; Many anarchists, such as Errico Malatesta, distanced themselves from Kropotkin during this period.

In 1917 he goes to Petrograd; here he helps the Kerensky government. However, these efforts came to an end when the Bolsheviks came to power.

Peter Kropotkin died on February 8, 1921. With the personal permission of Lenin, a large funeral was held by the anarchists at the Novodevichy cemetery. This was the last mass gathering of anarchists in Russia.

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