Who is Pherekydes?

Who is Pherekydes?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Pherekydes of Syros is one of the Seven Sages.

Babys’ son is a disciple of Pittakos. He is said to have written the first treatise on nature and the gods in Greece. There are many rumors about his death. One of them is that he ended his life by throwing himself from the hill of Korykeios during a Delphi journey.

According to Aristoxenes, Pherekydes fell ill and died, and Pythagoras buried him in Delos. There is also a rumor that lice devoured him. The tombstone reads: “All virtue finds its essence in me. Whoever wants to praise me / He should rather praise Pythagoras, for he is the first / On Greek soil. I’m telling the truth when I say that.”

Ion of Chios exalts him with these words: “Equipped thoroughly with decency and virtue, / Even after his death his soul has a unique life, / But Pythagoras surpassed them in wisdom, / For he saw and declared human customs.” The last three lines of Diogenes Laertios’ poem about him are interesting: “If a sage is truly wise, / Necessary while living, / Even more necessary after death.” It is certain that the letter he is said to have written to Thales is not true. The following words at the beginning of the letter are interesting: “As for me, when I received your letter, I was sick, had a fever and was infected with lice.”