Who is Pierre Bayle?

Who is Pierre Bayle?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

French philosopher who lived between 1647-1706. Bayle, whose main work is “Historical and Critical Dictionary”, argued that philosophical reasoning leads to universal skepticism, while nature forces people to blind faith.

Claiming that rational effort and work are worthless, Bayle nevertheless stated that human beings should be based on pure human beings in order to justify the view that there are beings and objects in the external world and that God is not a deceiving being.

Bayle is one of the skeptical thinkers of 17th century philosophy. He deepened the suspicion of reason and reached a systematic skepticism. He moved from the idea of ​​the irreconcilability of religion and science, and argued that a reconciliation could not be achieved between religious dogmas and the knowledge of reason. Therefore, he does not believe that everything can be illuminated by reason, in the same way as Pascal.

Bayle puts forward the double truth proposition, these are; truths of reason and truths of faith. Bayle’s suspicion also encompasses the principles of Cartesian philosophy. He doubts both “I think” and the precision of mathematical axioms. According to him, nowhere in the knowledge can there be a certainty that will end the doubt.