Who is Pittakos of Mytilene?

Who is Pittakos of Mytilene?

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He is the tyrant of Lesbos and one of the seven sages of Greece.

He was a tyrant for ten years (595-585) and voluntarily abdicated. While in power, he ended the civil war and passed laws that prevented extravagance.

Pittakos is a tyrant of Mytilene (Mytilene) of Thracian origin. He is the son of Hyrradios. He was a useful commander in the war between Athens and Mytilene. Because his compatriots trusted him so much, they left the administration in his hands. Pittakos remained in this position for ten years, he put the state in order and was loved by everyone. He retired after serving ten years, after which he lived another ten years. His compatriots had donated a land to him, which he gifted to the gods. Diogenes Laertios says that Pamphilios gave the following information about Pittacus in the second volume of his Memoirs: A man killed Pittakos’ son Pyrraios with an ax in a barber shop. Pittacus forgives the murderer sent to him and says: “Forgiveness is more valuable than punishment.” Pittakos passed laws punishing drunkenness in Mytilene, which was a literal wine store. Diogenes Laertios writes that it is a work on laws and says that he died in the third year of the fifty-second Olympiad (569). The following is written on Pittakos’ tomb: “Your country gave birth to you. / The holy island of Lesbos cries for your death, O Pittakos.” Pittakos writes the following lines to Croesus, who called him to Sardis: “You are calling me to Lydia so that I may see your riches. Although I have not seen them, I believe the son of Alyattos has more gold than any king. What will I get if I go to Sardes? I don’t need gold. I have enough gold and I have friends. Still, I will go for the pleasure of getting to know a hospitable person.” These aphorisms are his:

– Know how to watch the appropriate time.
– Don’t say what you plan to do, they’ll laugh if you fail.
– Have friends.
– Don’t do what you don’t like in others.
Don’t say bad words to a poor person, then God’s vengeance will come into play
– Give back what you have entrusted.
– Welcome the little things other people do to you.
– Do not say the bad of your friend, nor the good of your enemy. Such a thing would be thoughtless.
– Predicting the future has great benefits: the past is clear, the future is uncertain.
– The land can be trusted, the sea can not be trusted.
– There’s no end to winning.
– Earn honor.
– Try to show respect.
– Love education, humility, prudence, truth, goodwill, experience, aptitude, companionship, honesty, domesticity, art, piety.