Who is Ralf Dahrendorf?

Who is Ralf Dahrendorf?

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Ralph Gustav Dahrendorf with his full name or Baron Dahrendorf was a German-born British sociologist, philosopher, political scientist and liberal politician who lived between 1 May 1929 and 17 June 2009.

Ralf Dahrendorf was born in Hamburg, the son of a German politician. Having to spend the ages of 16-17 in a concentration camp, Dahrendorf continued his education in philosophy and philology at the University of Hamburg in the field of sociology. Especially influenced by Karl Popper’s ideas, Dahrendorf was interested in determining the general principles of social explanations and revealing the factors that create conflict.

Besides his academic career, Dahrendorf has also pursued a career in politics, qualified as a member of the German parliament, and a member of the European Communities Commission responsible for foreign relations, education, science and research. Among the award-winning Dahrendorf’s most important works are Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society (1959), Society and Democracy in Germany (1967), New Freedom (1975), Life Chances (1979) and Modern Social Conflict (1988). countable. Dahrendorf passed away in 2009.

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Postcapitalist Society and Conflict Theory
Critique of Marxist Theory
Dahrendorf and Conflict Theory
Semi-Groups, Interest Groups and Conflict Groups

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