Who is Robert Nozick?

Who is Robert Nozick?

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Robert Nozick was born on November 16, 1938 in New York to an immigrant family. When Nozick graduated from Columbia University in 1959, he was active as a member of one of the leftist student unions of the socialist view. After working at Princeton, Oxford, and Rockfeller Universities, he entered Harvard University in 1965, became Professor of Philosophy in 1969 and remained at Harvard until his death.

An influential proponent of Radical Libertarianism, Nozick advocated the idea of ​​a minimum state for maximum individual rights. While defending capitalism, he criticized the welfare state, and his book Anarchy, State, Utopia, written to criticize Rawls’ theory of justice, has become one of the most important books of radical libertarianism. In the last years of his life, Nozick dealt with classical subjects of philosophy.

Anarchy, State, Utopia- Anarchy, State, Utopia (1975): Nozick’s most important book. In this book, Nozick argues that the role of the state is limited to protecting citizens from violence and theft, and to ensuring the observance of social contracts. Nozick also argued in this book that income redistribution is not possible without violating individual rights.

his other books

Philosophical Explanations (1981)
The Examined Life (1989)
The Nature of Rationality (1993)
Socratic Puzzles (1996)
Invariances: The Structure of the Objective World (2001)