Who is Roderick McKenzie?

Who is Roderick McKenzie?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

In ecological theory, the explanation of this order, which consists of the arrangement of natural areas according to a center of domination, was made by McKenzie.

McKenzie, the basic processes that provide the dynamics of urban development among ecological units; concentration (concentration) – centralization (centralization) – differentiation (segregation) and invasion-succesion (invasion-succesion) defines. McKenzie states that these processes are also fundamental ecological processes. McKenzie argues that cities grow and develop by ecological processes, not by official policies.

In the condensation process, units with the same function come together in the same space.

By centralization, differentiation of urban functions is meant the centralization of control and organization.

Segregation refers to the emergence of separated areas as a result of the gathering of ecological units with the same function in the same place.

Invasion-succession, on the other hand, is the process of replacing the old function with a new one, with the emergence of a new function within the ecological unit that had a different function before.

McKenzie said that in addition to the ecological differentiation of urban space, ecologically different types of communities are formed. 1- Small agricultural villages, fishing-mining communities that sell their production abroad, 2- Communities that collect the products of the surrounding communities and sell them to world markets, 3- Communities where industry dominates all other activities, and 4- Non-production-distribution; political, tourism-based or university etc. based communities. (Aslanoğlu: 1998, Güllüpınar: 2013, Tuna.1987, Yörükan: 2005)