Who is Roscelinus?

Who is Roscelinus?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Roscelinus was a medieval philosopher who lived between 1050 and 1120.

Roscelinus, who was also the teacher of Abelardus, adopted an extreme nomenclature about universals. Roscelinus, whose works have not survived, is also known for his attempt to combine elements of the holy trinity.

He lived in France between 1050 and 1125. The discussion of universals that he initiated became the main topic of discussion for the rest of the Middle Ages and was perhaps the most important reason for the dissolution of the Middle Ages.

Roscelinus took a nominalist attitude in his discussion of universals. According to the nomenclature; Universal concepts have no reality, no existence on their own. Universal concepts are concepts that people have thought of for similar objects. In other words, they are the names that people give to the common, similar aspects of objects.

The real is only individual objects, not universal concepts. If only objects are real, the church is nothing but the concept, and only the individuals in it are real. Or original sin is a noun (word), and only individual sin is real. Or what is real in God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and the ‘thought of God’, which is the combination of all three that the church says, is not real, just a name.

It was around the time Roscelinus spoke these words that the church was at its strongest. The Soissons Assembly summoned Him, asking him to retract his word. In 1092, Roscelinus retracted his word. Nameism cursed. But can one’s thoughts be chained?