Who is Speusippus (Speusippos)?

Who is Speusippus (Speusippos)?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

He is a Greek philosopher. Speusippus, Plato’s nephew and student, became the head of the Akademia after Plato’s death (347 BC). Only a few texts have survived from Speusippus, with a long chapter from his On Pythagorean Number Theory.

He emphasized the importance of numbers and numerical groupings, which he saw as concrete principles against ideas like his contemporaries and his successors who presided over the Akademia in its first term. In this context, he explained the “competence” or special significance of the number 10.

Although his contemporaries saw “One” and “Two” (diad) as principles of good and evil, respectively, he argued that these principles could not be attributed to ethical concepts. In addition, with the help of numerical indicators, he organized digital reality in the form of successive layers with intense spiritual content.

Despite being severely criticized by Aristotle, his Homoia (Similarities), a comparative study of plant and animal physiology, rivals Aristotle’s Peri ta Zoa Historia Animalium (History of Life). The work is supposed to reflect the view that since classification and definition are closely related, things that are single cannot be defined without considering the whole.