Who is Thomas Paine?

Who is Thomas Paine?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Thomas Paine, (29 January 1737, Thetford, Britain – died 8 June 1809, New York, USA) was an English radical liberal. Paine, who lived in England, where he was born until his late 30s, later immigrated to this country to join the American Revolution. In his most important work, Common Sense, he advocated the independence of the American colonies from Great Britain.

He wrote The Rights of Man (1791), referring to Edmund Burke’s Reactions to the French Revolution. Thereupon, he was elected to the French National Assembly (1792), although he did not speak French. Here he contradicted Robespierre’s thoughts.

He was imprisoned in Paris from his arrest in 1793 until his release the following year. After that, he wrote his work titled The Age of Reasons and turned to deism and Christian thoughts. He criticized the origin of his property and argued for the need to set and guarantee a minimum income.

He also spent the Napoleonic era in France and remained there until the invitation of US President Thomas Jefferson.