Who is Thrasyllos?

Who is Thrasyllos?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

He is one of the Platonists who grew up in the 1st year of AD.

He was born in Myndes, Egypt. Emperor Tiberius, who mixed mathematics and astrology with philosophy and wanted to learn about the future, benefited from his priesthood. Thrasyllos used his influence over this emperor to always lead him to good; but this influence did not last long and he was executed by the emperor.

Thrasyllos wrote many works that Plotinos highly respected, but these have been lost. All that remains of him is that Plato classified his dialogues by dividing them into triads. Speaking of Democrite, Diogéne Laérce quotes Thrasyllos’s words as follows: “If it is true that the Anterasts are Plato, the democrat comes without introducing himself and is the philosopher-athlete-like claimant of Opid and Anaxagor, who had discussions about philosophy with Socrates. He records that Democrit was also a student of the Pythagoreans, and that he got other information about this philosopher from his work called “Introduction to Reading Democrit’s Books”.

Diogéne Laérce also quotes from Thrasyllos what he wrote about Plato’s dialogues. Vorlander also says about this philosopher, while talking about Plato, “It was organized into nine journals, each containing four works, by the Neo-Pythagorean Thrasyllos, who lived during the reign of Emperor Tiberius.” Thrasyllos is an old philosophy historian who gives essential information about Plato and Democrit.