Who is Ulus Sedat Baker?

Who is Ulus Sedat Baker?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Ulus Sedat Baker, (born 14 July 1960, Leningrad, USSR – died 12 July 2007, Istanbul), is a Turkish Cypriot sociologist, writer, translator and lecturer.

He is the son of a Turkish Cypriot family. His father, Sedat Baker, is a psychiatrist, and his mother, Pembe (Yusuf) Marmara (1925-1984), is a poet. He graduated from METU, Department of Sociology. He translated Gilles Deleuze and Baruch Spinoza and wrote articles. He taught Cinema History and Sociology at METU, Istanbul Bilgi University and Özgür University. He worked on political theory, media, cinema theory. He made cinema criticisms on Dziga Vertov. He wrote articles in the Encyclopedia of Accumulation, Society and Science, Comma, Socialism and Social Struggles.

Due to the music education he received in the Soviet Union, he has all the technical knowledge of all kinds of music, and due to his competent understanding, he has an extraordinary accumulation and expressive power regarding the whole background, sociological formation and philosophy of world music. He is especially competent in Gypsy Music. He has the distinction of being the person who established the link between classical music and music of all periods and Roman music not the best in Turkey, but with his tones, lyrics and all his proofs.

On behalf of Baker; By the Körotonomedya community; In 2008, a conference called “The Ulus Baker Meeting” was held in Ankara between 11-14 July.