Who is Wilhelm Reich?

Who is Wilhelm Reich?

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Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957) was a psychoanalyst and student of Freud, born in Dobrzanica, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, and died in Pennsylvania, USA. Unlike Carl Gustav Jung and Alfred Adler, he tried to take Sigmund Freud’s sexual thesis further.

He appeared in the German Communist Party in 1927. In the same year, he founded Sexpol (Sexual Politics Association). He opened mental nursing homes for workers in working quarters in Vienna in 1928.

He argues that the effect of the sexual morality of civilization on individuals determines the social structure in the eyes of the masses. He brought up the bourgeois character of the family structure, the sexual pressure on women, and the fundamental differences between psychologically healthy and unhealthy bodies. It presupposes the existence of a free, classless society for healthy and fulfilled sexuality to exist. According to Reich, human beings will always live under great stress in a civilized society where there is no sexual freedom.

his books

– Listen Little Man
– The Mass Spirit Concept of Fascism
– Killing the Living
– Psychoanalysis AND Dialectical Matel
– People in Trouble
– Function of Bodily Discharge
– The Emergence of Sexual Morals
– The Sexual Revolution
– Children of the Future
– Cancer
– Personality Analysis
– Reich Describes Froud
– Man’s Place in Nature
– Listen to Me Little Man
– Passion for Youth