Who is William James Durant?

Who is William James Durant?

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American educator and historian of philosophy.

He was born on October 5, 1885, in North Adams. Durant, who started his career as a writer and teacher after completing the required classical education, was the principal of Labor Temple School between 1914-1927 and professor of philosophy at U.C.L.A. in New York between 1927-1935.

Durant has had great success in writing philosophy and philosophers in an attractive and elegant style that is understandable to those who do not care about science and people. Philosophy subjects in his works have a literary and curious feature. While explaining the most difficult problems, Durant skillfully makes use of the relationship between the philosophers’ environment, their lives and their philosophies, and adopts a doctrinal stance that inspires the reader in his criticisms that are accurate and striking rather than deep.

For this reason, his ‘History of the Philosopher’ is dominated by the subjective light of his own personal taste and understanding, which aims to teach and popularize philosophy rather than the classical methods of this science. For this reason, he himself, following Alden Freeman’s method, admits that he attaches importance to “the inspirations of a noble and enlightened life through education and travel”.

Durant believes that “the theory of knowledge is taking a path that will almost destroy contemporary philosophy”; In the study of the problem of knowledge and knowledge, he hopes that a period will come that will be devoted to psychology alone, that philosophy will no longer be considered a descriptive analysis of the forms and ways of each experiment, but perhaps a synthetic input, and that analysis will enter into science and give us information, and philosophy will try to synthesize wisdom. He wants it to be obligatory.

Major Works

– The Story Of Philosophy (1926)
– Adventures in Genius (1931)
– On the Meaning of Life (1932)
– The Story of Civilation (The History of Civilization, 1935)
– The Life of Greece (Greek Life, 1939)
– William James DURANT
– Vies et Doctrines des Philosophes (Life and Doctrines of the Philosophers, Paris 1932)