Who is Zakir Mammadov?

Who is Zakir Mammadov?

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Zakir Mammadov was born on August 16, 1936 in Seyidli village of Agdam.

His mother is Hüsnü Hanım Murtaza Bey’s daughter Mammedbeyova, and his father is Cabbar Bey İsmail Bey’s son Velibeyov. Cabbar Bey was one of the distinguished intellectuals of his time, descended from Baharlı.

Cabbar Bey, who was a large landowner in Baharlı village, opened a school in his own home, engaged in teaching activities and laid the foundation of a new type of school. Cabbar Bey was persecuted and exiled to Siberia. While he was imprisoned, all documents and books in Cabbar Bey’s house were taken. That’s why Zakir Mammadov’s birth certificate was also lost. Later, the Village Council gave him a certificate that he was born in 1939.

Zakir Mammadov grew up in an environment of political pursuit, so he took his mother’s surname. As it is known, after the establishment of Soviet domination, most of the people belonging to the “bey” lineage were given passports by shortening the word “bey” in their surnames. That’s why his surname became “Mammadov”, not “Mammadbeyov”.

Zakir Mammadov graduated from Aghdam 1st secondary school with a medal in 1957 and entered the newly opened Arabic Language and Literature Department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University). While Zakir Mammadov was studying in his first year at the university, his father, Jabbar Bey, was acquitted on November 29, 1957 by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan SSR. During his student years, he published poems and translations from Arabic in the multi-circulation University newspaper. He graduated from the university in 1962.

Zakir Mammadov started working as a junior scientific worker at AMBA’s Oriental Institute in August 1962. From September 1962 to September 1963, he was the first Azerbaijani translator to work at the construction site of the Aswan dam in Egypt (Ber). During this one year Zakir Mammadov learned the local dialect and collected rich scientific literature in Arabic. After returning to Azerbaijan, he taught in the Egyptian dialect for the first time at the Azerbaijan State University (now Baku State University). Zakir Mammadov started working in Azerbaijan EA Philosophy Department (now AMBA’s Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law) from January 1, 1964.

Zakir Mammadov was able to defend his doctoral dissertation on “Siraceddin Urməvi’s logic views”, which he completed in 1967, in 1969. Although his doctoral dissertation titled “Philosophical Thought in the XI-XIII Centuries in Azerbaijan”, which he finished in 1974, was published as a book in 1978, he was able to defend himself 16 years later.

Zakir Mammadov was also engaged in pedagogical activities, he taught philosophy at universities, the history of Azerbaijani philosophy, the history of Eastern philosophy.

In 1997, Zakir Mammadov established the Department of Oriental Philosophy and Theology in AMBA’s Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law, and worked as the director of this branch until the end of his life. He was elected as a correspondent member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in 2001.

Zakir Mammadov passed away on March 2, 2003.

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