Who is Zümrüd Kuluzade?

Who is Zümrüd Kuluzade?

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Zümrüd Kuluzade, Azerbaijani historian of philosophy, doctor of philosophy, philosopher, researcher.

Zümrüd Kuluzade was born on March 17, 1932. He graduated from secondary school in 1949 and joined the philosophy department of the history faculty of the Azerbaijan State University, known as S.M.Kirov in the USSR at that time, and completed the rate with a diploma of superior education. From 1954 to 1957, he studied for a doctorate in the philosophy main department of the Azerbaijan Pedagogy Institute, and in 1957 he started to work at the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. For many years, he worked as the director of the Philosophy and Social Thought History branch in the same place.

Philosophy Studies

Zümrüd Kuluzade is a famous Azerbaijani philosopher. Z. Kuluzade’s doctoral thesis focused on the role of the superstructure in the antagonistic society, and his professorial work focused on one of the biggest philosophical movements of Azerbaijan – Hurufism and its antecedents. His book “Hurufism and Its Representatives in Azerbaijan” (1970) is the only monographic work examining the history and philosophy of Hurufism. Apart from this, the East-West problem in Azerbaijan was first published in the philosophical field by Zümrüd Kuluzade in the “13.-16. The Laws of Development of the 21st Century Oriental Philosophy and the East-West Problem” (1984) monograph.

Zümrüd Kuluzade is the Editor-in-Chief of the works in the History of Azerbaijan Philosophy (2002) series, the author of some chapters, the author of the “Philosophy” article of the Azerbaijan Encyclopedia (2007).
The international scientific and theoretical journal named “Problems of Oriental Philosophy” (since 1996) published under the initiative and editorship of Zümrüd Kuluzade has a great importance. Published in Azerbaijani and Russian, as well as Arabic, Persian, Turkish, English, German and French with extensive summaries, the journal is the first journal on philosophy in the history of Azerbaijani culture and, according to its name, is unique in today’s world civilization.

Zümrüd Kuluzade has been a member of the advisory board of successful women in science since 2001. She was awarded the honorary diploma of the woman of the year 2000 in Azerbaijan.

Islamic culture zone philosophy
Azerbaijan history of philosophy
Studies on the history of philosophy
the philosophy of universality
Azerbaijan history and relationship problems
East-West problem


Nesimi – Eastern philosopher and poet (1973),
Kasimi Envar’s worldview (1976),
Theoretical problems of the history of Eastern culture and Nizamisinaslık (1987),
VII-XVI centuries from the history of Azerbaijani philosophy (1992),
Inheritance problems (2006).