Who is Zygmunt Bauman?

Who is Zygmunt Bauman?

June 26, 2021 Off By Felso

Zygmunt Bauman was born on October 19, 1925 in Poznan, Poland. Sociologist and philosopher. He is known for his works that reveal both the adaptation of postmodern philosophy in the field of sociology and a healthy evaluation at the general theoretical level.

Zygmunt Bauman, II. He lived in Poland-Poznan until the outbreak of World War II. He later moved to the Soviet Union and after the war he completed his doctorate at the University of Warsaw, where he passed the exam for Associate Professor.

He has taught Sociology at the same university since 1954. He left the Polish Communist Party in 1968. In the same year, he lost his title of professor of sociology for political reasons. He had to migrate to Israil. In 1971 Bauman regained the chair of sociology at the University of Leeds, at the call of Great Britain. He continued his studies there until the 1990s.

Since the 1980s, Zygmunt Bauman has come to the fore with both his theoretical and sociological studies on the connections between Modernism and Totalitarianism. Especially his analysis of the Holocaust through National Socialism in Germany had a significant impact in this context. In this way, the direct or indirect relations of the concepts and categories inherent in Modernism with Totalitarianism were revealed in depth and with an interdisciplinary method.

Bauman also occupies an important place with his studies on postmodernism. He made an evaluation of postmodernism on a political, ethical or theoretical level in general and tried to show and clarify what postmodernism is and what kind of opportunities it provides with his clear but deep texts.
He received the Amalfi Prize in 1989 and the Theodor Adorno Prize in 1998.

Bauman’s books in Turkish

Thinking Sociologically, translated by Abdullah Yılmaz, Details Publications, 1999
Modernity and the Holocaust, Spiral publications, translated by Süha Sertabiboğlu
Legislators and Commentators, Metis publications, translated by Kemal Atakay
Searching for Politics, Metis publications, translated by Tuncay Birkan
Postmodern Ethics, Detail publications
Torn Life, Postmodern Moral essays, Detail publications
Postmodernity and its Discontents, Detail publications, translated by İsmail Türkmen
Modernity and Ambiguity, Detail publications
Mortality, Immortality and Other Life Strategies, Details publications, translated by Nurgül Demirdöven
Individualized Society, Details publications, translated by Yavuz Alagon
Work, Consumerism and the New Poor, Spiral publications, translated by Ümit Öktem
Freedom, Sarmal publications, translated by Vasif Erenus.
Globalization, Details publications, translated by Abdullah Yılmaz.
Fluid Ask, Versus Publishing, translated by Işık Ergüden